My works are constructions that are informed by imaginary imagery, the natural environment, architecture, memory, and process. I consider the places that I depict to be the result of my struggle to understand, interpret, and inhabit the complex landscape of the world that I find myself in. My re-imagined landscapes contain zones of refuge, places of disorientation, exposure, and often include helpful navigational cues.

An important part of my practice is the collection of material. I use exclusively discarded material; primarily gleanings from the cutting floors of outdoor equipment producers, but also portions of abandoned and houseless couches, and pieces of upholstery samples I’ve purchased from Scrap. The materials are paired based on how they relate in terms of color, shape, and size. As I connect the pieces, patterns and shapes slowly emerge, providing a sense of direction. The process is largely additive, but portions are often removed to help create volume, or if incongruent.”

Mansur transforms textiles that are bound for the trash into intensely worked collages with a striking sculptural presence.

I’ll Show You How I Got Here
On view 07-01-16 through 09-01-16

Friday | July 8 2016 | 6 – 9 PM
Negative Space Gallery @ Dependable Letterpress
1192 Illinois Street / between 22nd & 23rd