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Letterpress printed business cards with a vintage finish. Includes”

  • A letterpress printed flood of color on one side (single color)
  • Single color letterpress printing on the opposite side
  • Double-thick premium paper stock
  • Upgrades are available for additional colors and/or edge painting
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Normally, we recommend against letterpress printing a large solid or “flood” of color. When people require a true flood of color, we typically recommend a custom duplex or offset printing the flood, because the coverage is so much more opaque than with letterpress.

However, sometimes the more patina’d look of a letterpress printed flood is desirable and can enhance the execution of the client’s brand story. What do you think — would the “vintage finish” work for your brand?

This business card configuration includes one color of letterpress printing on the info side, and a “flood” or large solid letterpress printed area on the other side. By default, it is printed on double thick paper. Edge painting and/or an additional color can also be added.

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Edge painting?

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