Custom wedding invitation suites like the ones we create here at Dependable Letterpress often involve custom illustration, often of the venue or of a personal detail precious to the couple.

When we begin the design process with you, we sit down (either in person or over the phone) and talk through your needs and your vision for your wedding invitation. If your needs include illustration, our production manager/designer, Liz Merolla, may be able to help.

Unique letterpress wedding invitation printed in shades of rust and orange with incredible handlettering and custom illustrations depicting keepsakes, antiques, and other personal touches

For our custom clients, Liz creates line drawings that communicate the essence of the landscape depicted. A line drawing is especially well-suited to letterpress printing, and with her many years of experience working at Dependable Letterpress, Liz has a strong sense of how to create a piece that will translate beautifully in the context of a letterpress printed illustration.

Letterpress printed details card in two colors with hand lettering and custom illustrations of disco ball and cocktails; frame border

Liz is also a talented handlettering artist/modern calligrapher working in a few different styles. In the Julia & Patrick suite, above, you can see how she integrates the lettering with the illustrations and with the illustrated border, creating an all-around aesthetic that is whimsical and highly individual, with a lettering style tailored to the needs of Julia and Patrick’s suite.

For this vineyard wedding, with its lush green, fairly straightforward illustration, Liz employed a more traditional lettering style, though one slightly more casual than the most formal calligraphy.

Although we’re always happy to work with an illustrator you specify, or use illustrations that you yourself have created, we’re so delighted that Liz is available to lend her expert hand to illustrated letterpress wedding suites here at Dependable Letterpress.