Can you print metallics?

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Yes, with our in-house foil stamping machine we can print with shiny, metallic foils. We can also letterpress print with metallic inks, but they do not have the same level of metallic sheen that you see when foil stamping.  With the letterpress process, printed on the softer and more absorbent papers that we use, the metallic effect [...]

Can you print white ink on dark paper?

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Yes, with our in-house foil stamping machine we can print opaque white and other light colors on black (or any color) paper! Unlike foil pigments, letterpress inks are translucent, so light color inks don’t show up well on dark or saturated-color stocks, though some letterpress inks like silver can work on some paper stocks (we can show [...]

Can you print on double-sided cards?

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Double-sided printing is possible. However, it can be problematic with letterpress because of the show-through of the impression.  We can control how hard the type is impressed into the paper, but the paper is squeezed between the plate and the tympan, so any pressure applied to one side inevitably affects the other.   In general, double-sided should [...]

How small can the type or artwork be?

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Our plates can hold very fine, small type.  As typefaces can vary in size, it’s impossible to name a minimum point size.  If you feel you might be pushing the limits, please send a pdf and we’ll let you know if it works.  The biggest issue around very small type is whether it is placed with larger, [...]

I would like a flood of color printed on the back of my business card. Can you do this?

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Large solid areas of ink are difficult to execute well with a letterpress, unless you like a certain distressed look [like this - insert link].  They require a tremendous amount of impressional strength to transfer the ink evenly and get a good even film on the paper.  We have two alternative solutions for floods of color. The [...]

I have a drawing I’d like to use on my business card or stationery. Can you do this?

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Many drawings translate very nicely to the letterpress print process; ink drawings and pencil drawings where tones are made using line work (as opposed to washes or shading) are the most successful.  If you send a scan or photograph of the drawing we are happy to advise on the relative printability of your image, and can digitize [...]

Can you do rounded corners?

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Yes, we can die cut cards with rounded corners. This requires a separate pass through the press for the cutting, and incurs an additional charge.  We have some rounded corner dies on hand in standard sizes, and if needed, custom dies can be made within a couple days.

Can I bring in paper for you to print on?

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You may provide paper if you wish, but we will generally need to see the paper before approving. We print on uncoated papers only. Also, please contact us prior to ordering any paper! We will need to let you know how much paper we need for your job, and what size. We require a certain amount of [...]