What is the difference between letterpress, foilstamping, and digital printing?

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Letterpress printing is the original printing technology, and is done by inking a raised (relief) surface and pressing it into the paper. This produces a debossed indent in the paper as a side effect of applying the ink, which is unique to this printing process.  Foil stamping is a letterpress process that uses heat to fuse metallic [...]

Can you print letterpress with no ink?

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That’s called blind debossing and we love it! The deboss is a distinguishing feature of letterpress printing. A blind deboss prints your artwork without ink (or sometimes with transparent ink, which is not truly blind but almost the same effect) so it leaves a subtle, yet tangible impression in the paper. The effect is more successful with [...]

Who is responsible for proofreading?

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While we have an astute eye for detail, our focus will be on getting your design just right. It is your responsibility to carefully review your proofs for errors, including spelling, layout, color assignments, dates and times, accuracy of directions, etc.  Please be sure to cross your t’s, dot your i’s and very thoroughly read your final [...]

Can I work with Dependable Letterpress if I do not live in the Bay Area?

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Absolutely! While we focus on being the best local source for letterpress printing, we’re also thrilled to see our work travel around the country.  Communicating through telephone, email or Skype can be almost as good as working face to face. We can even mail samples when necessary, and are happy to receive color swatches in the mail. [...]

Are your environmental practices “green”?

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It is our belief that the whole reason the world is now in an environmental crisis is because of the gradual shift over the last couple hundred years away from small-scale, custom, handmade goods and towards cheap, mass-produced consumer goods.  Consequently, we believe the work that we do is inherently “green.”  Nevertheless, we are frequently asked about [...]