A press check is an appointment where we arrange for you to be here when we have set your invitation up on the press, but before we have run the entire job. We have multiple presses and can often show you more than one color at a single viewing.  While we try to accommodate your schedule to make this convenient, you need to be available during business hours and at times that allow us to run the job after your approval.

Press checks are included in the printing costs as a courtesy. Press checks require a good deal of preparation on our part as we are actually setting the job up for printing. We can make adjustments to the ink saturation and depth of impression at your press check.

While it is possible to change artwork at that time, it is not cost-effective. The digital proofing stage is the best time to catch any layout or font issues. If you choose to change artwork at the press check stage it will require replating the job as well as additional set-up. The additional cost for choosing to change art at the press check is given on a job-to-job basis. New plates take 1-3 business days to produce once we have new artwork.

A press check is best used for adjusting color and impression. If you need to reschedule a press check we require at least 2 hours notice. Failure to give adequate notice will result in additional cost.