We believe the process of letterpress is inherently green & take measures to lessen our environmental footprint whenever possible by :

  • Although most invitations are printed from recyclable polymer plates, we love to print from hand-set type using our collection of vintage lead and wood type, which is reusable, not disposable.
  • Printing primarily on tree-free all-cotton paper. Read what Crane Paper has to say about the sources for cotton paper fiber here.
  • Sourcing other high-quality commercial papers that come from FSC certified forests.
  • Stocking several recycled papers with high post-consumer content.
  • Using soy-based inks and our solvents are low- or zero-VOC.
  • We have a local paper maker create recycled cotton letterpress paper from our offcuts, which you can request for your invitations. This is the greenest paper we know of — and handmade paper is one of the only recycled papers that is more beautiful than the paper it was made from.