We prefer native Illustrator or InDesign files, although PDFs produced in other programs can work. Please review the following notes on file preparation.

Please note: We may not be able to get a clean printing plate from pixel-based images or type. Vector artwork is always preferred! If you are uncertain whether pixel-based artwork will work, please provide vector art instead.

  • Please specify colors as spot colors in the file, either Pantone or any other color system.  This allows us to output your file as separations in the intended colors — if your colors are CMYK values, the file can only be separated into C-M-Y and K.
  • Please convert fonts to outlines, or else provide the font files with the art file.
  • If you have multiple items in a single document, please define the separate pieces with either crop marks, keylines or by using multiple artboards.
  • Any placed graphics should be high-resolution (600 dpi) bitmap TIFFs, or else turned to vectors. All type/fonts should be vectors.
  • Files must clearly show placement and sizing of artwork. If you need us to size or place the artwork within the document, design/layout time will be charged at $100/hour with a half-hour minimum.

We are always happy to look at files and give technical feedback if you have any doubts that the art is set up correctly.