It is our belief that the whole reason the world is now in an environmental crisis is because of the gradual shift over the last couple hundred years away from small-scale, custom, handmade goods and towards cheap, mass-produced consumer goods.  Consequently, we believe the work that we do is inherently “green.”  Nevertheless, we are frequently asked about the materials we use, which do come from the land of large-scale manufacturing.

  • We print primarily on tree-free all cotton paper.  Read what Crane Paper has to say about the sources of cotton paper fiber here.
  • We source other high-quality commercial papers that come from FSC certified forests.  We also stock several recycled papers with high post-consumer content.
  • We do use soy-based inks, and our solvents are low- or zero-VOC.
  • We use steel-backed or plastic-backed printing plates that are recycled when they are no longer useful.