Recent Work | Eddie Lee

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Eddie Lee Recent Work On View : December 2 - January 27 Opening Reception : December 8, 6 - 9 PM @ Negative Space Gallery in Dependable Letterpress - Dogpatch, San Francisco - San Francisco letterpress and printmaking artist, Mr. Eddie Lee, will be showing his recent work at the Dependable Letterpress Negative Space Gallery from Dec. [...]

Potrero Nuevo | Peter Karnig

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SHOW OPENING Friday, October 6th, 6 – 9 PM Negative Space Galllery @ DL HQ On View 10/6 - 11/30 "Making photographs serves as a medium to express my interest in the unexpected and density of relationships that we share with others and our built and natural environment. Through the use of the photographic frame, I explore [...]

Vault | Kim Miskowicz

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SHOW OPENING Friday, August 11th, 6 - 9 PM Negative Space Galllery @ DL HQ "These imaginary landscapes are created with layers of found oscilloscope recording papers from the Black Hole Surplus in Los Alamos, NM. The Black Hole Surplus was a large thrift store from the collections of a former Los Alamos National Labs machinist and [...]

California Trees, Paintings and Woodcuts | Aaron Johnson

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Oil Paintings & Woodcut Prints by AARON JOHNSON Friday | December 9th | 2016 6 - 9 PM On view : December 2nd - January 27th Aaron Johnson's oil paintings and woodcut prints explore the natural world and our human relationships within it. Gestures of California trees draw his eye to their underlying structure and geometry of [...]

Celebrating 35 Years Broadsides, Prints & Books | Santa Cruz Printers’ Chappel

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Santa Cruz Printers' Chappel Celebrating 35 Years Broadsides, Prints & Books On view Friday 9.9.16 - Wednesday 10.21.16 The Printers’ Chappel of Santa Cruz first met at the home of book dealer George Kane in the early 1980s. Letterpress printers, bookbinders, papermakers, marblers and book dealers were present to help shape this loose organization of friends and [...]

I’ll Show You How I Got Here, Textile Art | Mansur Nurullah

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    My works are constructions that are informed by imaginary imagery, the natural environment, architecture, memory, and process. I consider the places that I depict to be the result of my struggle to understand, interpret, and inhabit the complex landscape of the world that I find myself in. My re-imagined landscapes contain zones of refuge, places [...]

N U D E | A Photographic Study Of The Human Form | Jason Madara & George McCalman

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N U D E | A Photographic Study Of The Human Form | Jason Madara & George McCalman share M Studio in the North Building of the AIC and have collaborated since 2014 on a series of photographic portraits called The Individuals Project featuring subjects from various creative communities throughout the Bay Area. The series of nude [...]